Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fall fantel....

Wanted to join in the fall mantel link party over at the Nester. I have a LOT more Halloween out then normal. I went a little crazy this year.

The whole mantel.

The leaves where around the door last year, but they bled on the white trim. Needless to say they are not going back there and I stuck them on the mantel and loved it and that is what started it all.

Loved the addition of the crow, so I had to go buy more.

My Pottery Barn Dollar store knock off.....LOVE it! I had to go back for another set for my sister, who loves Halloween. She could not find them at the dollar stores by her.

I also love the skull in my lantern. I think I have had the same vase with flowers in it forever. It will now be somethning that I change out on a regular basis. This guy has green glitter on the inside of his head....He greets you when you come through the front door. There is lots more out, these are just my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by for a look.


Oonafey said...

Love the black glitter skull! I also really like the skull in the lantern, so fun! The crow is perfect just perched on the candle like that.

Your Pottery Barn knockoffs; did they come assembled or did you find the base, glass, and lid and glue them together? They are fab.

the cape on the corner said...

my halloween decor is going to be much more skull inspired this must be all the blog reading i am doing! your mantel looks great, i love the skulls and moss together!

Mic In Tx said...

I had the vases, got the skulls in a pack of 9 and the moss was also from the dollar store. just layered the moss and the skulls.