Wednesday, August 6, 2008

busy day

I have actually gotten a lot done today. I got up and got most of my daily list done and then headed off to Tuesday morning to look for a duvet for the new bedding that I got to order. I fell in love with this when it first came out and when I got the go ahead from Scott, I found out it was no longer available. (it sold out in a couple of weeks) When it showed up int he catalog again, i jumped right on it. I bought a new blanket, pillows and the duvet. I thought that I had some shams that would look nice. they were floral......colors matched but i just did not like it. so those are going back. I looks great! I just need to find some solid color shams. Any ideas? The blanket i bought is a light brownish color.

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The Nester said...

Love that green color and that stacked black framed art on the wall--what lovely rooms!

welcome to blogland girl!